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Welcome to Blue Labs Software. I write a lot of random and often useless bits of software mostly for myself. Sometimes the software I write gets used by others and I make a moderate attempt to keep things updated. wink I claim credit for all mistakes between the operator and the keyboard in the making of this site.

This website is based on W3C standards. If your browser appears to render it funky-like, don't blame me. Use a better browser. Chrome, Seamonkey (Mozilla, Firefox, etc), Safari and Opera all do very nice jobs. I do have a few mozilla/webkit extensions in use here. I also use SVG.

If Mr. Jiggles made a wet spot on your screen, well then clean it up.

I have several friends that write software as well and sometimes we collaborate on software. We usually hang out on in #bluelabs. You're welcome to visit and see how we are doing, join in with some technical chat. You're also welcome to use IRC as a medium to ask questions about the software we write.

Project flow, interrupted often?
This is was America

When they took away my right to speak out against the President, I didn't care because I didn't want to be a protester. When they took away my right to privacy, I didn't care about privacy because I had nothing to hide. When they took away my right to bear arms, I didn't care because I didn't need to arm myself. When they took away my right to a fair trial, I didn't care because I didn't do anything wrong. Now they're after me, and I don't have any way to defend myself by words or by means.

I still haven't done anything wrong but nobody will know and nobody can help. ~david